On Terrorism

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Some politicians seem to act as if “terrorism” means a terrible crime committed by someone who doesn’t fit the speaker’s own racial & religious profile. Just because something induces terror in some or many people, that doesn’t make it terrorism. That diminishes the concept as well as grouping routine crime – for which society has millennia of experience and solutions – into the same bucket as a more subtle and serious phenomenon that preys on the meshed society.

Terrorism isn’t just performing a terrifying act. It’s provoking society’s immune system into attacking itself, making its defence systems attack the values and people they are supposed to be defending. Terrorism is an autoimmune disorder of democracy. You don’t fight terrorism by attacking the virus; you fight it by strengthening the immune system.

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The NEW Ill Amalgam: A Blog About Everything

It has been a long time between drinks at Ill Amalgam HQ. Working two jobs plus doing a masters degree doesn’t leave a whole lot of spare time for blogging. I have been attempting to stay engaged; with the hip-hop world, with politics, with other stuff, but most of my writing energy has been put into uni essays. I think this has resulted in my opinions being forced upon friends and family in person. So to spare them that torture, I’m going to attempt to start writing again!

I have also decided to permanently stop posting on Ill Amalgam’s sister blog The Offensively Unfashionable and consolidate all my thoughts into one place. The Offensively Unfashionable won’t be taken down, so if you’re interested in video games, Australian politics, media or various other topics, you can check that out here.

This means Ill Amalgam will become a blog about EVERYTHING! There will probably still be a bit of hip-hop, but it will be amalgamated with whatever else I feel like. The best bit is the name still works! Over the next few weeks I’ll work on transitioning the site’s visuals to reflect its new content.

I hope you enjoy Ill Amalgam’s new direction. I’m excited to start writing again, and much less daunted having only one blog to write on instead of two. Two blogs, what was I thinking? So greedy.


Welcome to ill amalgam

Ill amalgam: a blog about the adverse health effects of alloy dental fillings. Just kidding.

ill (adj.) Very good, excellent, tight

amalgam (n.) A combination of diverse elements; a mixture

So basically a collection of good things. All the best blog names were taken; The Clearly Dope, Wolf Shirt Extremist, Heathen Scripture etc. So we’ll roll with this one.

I’m not going to pretend this is my first blog. I made a Tumblr once. My first post was an essay about the strange relationship between musicians, popularity and the general public, and why people hate artists en masse when they achieve mainstream success. Shortly after that first post I realised Tumblr was for posting cat videos, recycled memes, gifs in sets of four and inspirational quotes. I deleted my Tumblr.

So I guess you could say this is my first real blog. I spent $26 registering the domain to make sure I write stuff relatively regularly, because everyone knows the thought of wasting money stops things getting neglected (except, of course, when a parent leaves their infant locked in the car in the RSL carpark while they play pokies). So we’ll see how that goes.

WordPress suggested I stick to a single topic to avoid alienating followers. I thought “fuck that, I’ll write about whatever I feel like; politics, rap, wakeboarding, architecture, video games, everyone can just deal with it.” But after giving it some though, I realised over 50% of my writing would probably be about hip-hop. So I decided to make two blogs, because as we all know, everything in life can be divided into two categories; Hip-Hop and Everything Else. So that’s what my two sister blogs are about. If Everything Else interests you, why not check that out too.

“Blog” is such an ugly word. And I’ve used it so often in this post that it’s lost all meaning. So on that note, let’s get into it.