Hottest 100 of 2013

Hottest 100

It’s that time of year again. The time where you choose your favorite hip-hop songs of the past twelve months, painstakingly whittle them down to a mere ten, head to a BBQ pool party with your mates, turn the radio up and listen with gradually increasing disappointment while local hip-hop gets underrepresented once again. That’s right, it’s the Triple J Hottest 100!

I don’t listen to the radio. Partly because I don’t have a radio, and partly because all Australian radio is horrible. “What’s better, cats or dogs? Give us a call!” Jesus fuck. Triple J is the best we’ve got, and it’s okay, sometimes. But the good stuff is lost amongst all the indie/folk bullshit. This is why all my new music comes from albums I buy or bands I find online. To be honest, I usually recognise a good handful of songs from the 100, purely through not living under a rock. But this year, when my sister told me her money was on Lorde picking up #1, I had to youtube who that was. This year when I cast my votes, I had to add four songs manually because I couldn’t find ten tracks in the song list that I liked. That is a sure sign I’m losing touch with society.

Here are my favorite songs from 2013, in no particular order:

  • Bliss N Eso – Reservoir Dogs (featuring 360, Pez, Seth Sentry & Drapht)
  • Busta Rhymes – Thank You (featuring Q-Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne)
  • Kanye West – New Slaves
  • Mantra – Loudmouth
  • Spit Syndicate – Amazing
  • Horrorshow – Unfair Lottery
  • Force – Rep What We Rep (featuring Tommy Illfigga)
  • Known Associates – Ashes to Dust
  • Dialect and Despair – Low Pro
  • The Tongue – Rhymin’

The last four were the ones added in manually, presumably because they weren’t on the Triple J rotation. Check them out if you haven’t heard them, they’re great! The most difficult thing about this year’s vote was trying to decide which Horrorshow track to put in. King Amongst Many is an incredible album start to finish. Another tough decision was whether to include the Busta Rhymes track given its horrible Emirates product placement and the fact that Yeezy and Weezy are both credited as feature artists yet neither of them actually drop a verse. Kanye is good, but a few “uh” and “yeh” noises from him doesn’t entitle him to a spot in the track features. Q-Tip is great though.

I wonder how many years I have left in me before I don’t even bother voting or listening, and spend Australia Day tuned into Goonbag Radio alone like a grumpy old man.